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Tech-cessories for a Clean and Productive Home Office


Smart home devices and gadgets are not just sets of tools to modernise your home. Their convenience will also boost your productivity. Intelligent devices will help you do more with less time and effort. Whether you’re a tech-junkie or a newbie, you can experience the convenience of smart technology at the comfort of your home. Get help for chores, study, and work. There’s no going back once you discover the efficiency of smart devices. That’s why we listed 12 intelligent devices you can use to get things done faster and better!

Smart alarm clocks 

We get abetter night’s sleepwhen we are device- and distraction-free, but many of us begin our day with a smartphone as our alarm clock. It can be jarring. Use a smart clock that gently wakes you up with your favourite playlist.It has an app that will help you create healthy sleep habits, letting you wake up earlier, and get a more restful sleep. If you’re not into music, try lights to wake you via simulated sunshine gently. You can also use this as a reading light that gently dims to signal that it’s time to go to sleep. A good night's sleep enormously boosts productivity. 

Smart locks

Lessen your to-do list when it comes to securing your homes. Smart locks can unlock and lock your home via a smartphone, anywhere you go. If you have guests coming by, set a temporary passcode to let them into your home and erase the code later. Manage and track specific smart lock’s operations, statuses and battery levels without the need to always check your home security manually. 

Tunable lighting

There may be times you want to have options to change your light for various reasons. And having the option to control the lighting can be beneficial in several ways:

Health Benefits - Circadian Rhythm and lighting

Studies on the circadian rhythm have shown that the intensity, timing, duration, and wavelength of light can affect humans’ biological clock. Our circadian rhythm can be interrupted by our constant use of bright human-made lighting. This disruption can result in health issues such as obesity, cardiovascular and neurological problems like sleep disorders.

Increased productivity 

Working under the right lighting will help you work diligently and increase your productivity ratios. According to the needs of your moods, tuning the lights has a definite impact on productivity. If you’re in a well-lit environment, you’re more likely to be much more energetic and stay focused. 

Smart pen

Share your writing in social networks and sync your files across multiple platforms through a smart pen. You can draw, write notes or novels on a piece of paper, then have all your scribbles transferred to digital form via Bluetooth or via the pen’s built-in memory quickly. 

Smart home assistants 

Smart home assistants will get info and perform the task you ask like setting timers and reminders for you, answering questions, giving weather forecast or food recipe, turning off and on the lights and many more. These things smart assistants do allows you to spend less time on menial tasks and focus on bigger things like family, work, and your own health.


Robo chef

The kitchen of the future. This might still be a bit too much, but it will help many households. If you don't have time to cook or just didn’t want to cook, a robo chef can do this task for you. Your kitchen will include robotic arms, an oven and a touchscreen unit. You can operate this whole thing in your smartphone, and the best part is that it can clean itself after cooking.


Smart beds

Smart beds are an app-enhanced 'bed system' that collects data about how you're sleeping and adjusts the mattress as you sleep to help improve your future sleeping experience. 

Other smart beds deliver your sleep information to your smartphone; it reports how well you're sleeping and offers you tips on how to sleep better.

It doesn't just focus on improving your sleep; they also help create a more enjoyable experience like a smart bed with a built-in alarm or smart bed sheets that adjust to temperature changes in the night.

Wireless charging

This cordless device promotes mobility since no cable wires will disrupt what you’re doing and will look at your desk or area cluttered. Wireless charging has safer connections too since the charging is without cords, there’s no corrosion because there’s no exposure to water or oxygen, meaning there’s less risk of electrical faults. 

Smart fridges

Change the way you fridge. Connect your smart fridge to your Wi-Fi so you can control the temperature remotely using a smartphone app. It can act as a hub for other smart devices in your home and perform tasks like notifying you when food is going out and what you need to get at the supermarket. Just add the items in your virtual shopping list, sync it with your smartphone app and use it while shopping. 

Smart air fryer

Cook your food quick and easy with smart air fryers. You can be productive in the kitchen by cooking many kinds of food in just a few minutes without spending too much time in the kitchen. Smart air fryers will be able to take the time-consuming and challenging cooking you once had and provide you with good food with health benefits.

Kitchenaid smart display 

This smart device will expand your culinary creativity. You can see step-by-step recipe instructions, and it’s completely hands-free mostly when your hands are covered with food ingredients. It also offers shopping lists and smart home control all in one place. This means you can watch YouTube videos or make calls through the device all while cooking.


Robot vacuum cleaner 

“Free yourself of time and effort and instead allocate it to other tasks you have on your plate, or simply to enjoy time with your little ones.”

A robotic vacuum cleaner helps you clean your home without a hassle. It cleans and sanitises your furniture and floors in just a few minutes. You can set customisable cleaning zones, mode and speed. Robot vacuums accept schedules and will automatically run on the days and times you’ve set. The sensor also stops the robot vacuum from falling down the stairs or crashing into your other home appliances.

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